Sammy Kershaw refuses to let past failures dictate his future. After being defeated in 2007 in his quest for the Louisiana lieutenant governor's office, he once again has his eye on the position.

"I'm seriously thinking about 2011," Kershaw tells the Monroe News Star. "That's the job I want. I know I can do that job better than anybody ever has. It's an entertainment job, a promotional job for the state of Louisiana. It's not exactly a political office. It's about bringing in tourism, promoting the people, all parts of entertainment, the different cultures. I believe -- I don't just believe, I know -- I would be the best at it."

In his last run for office in his home state, Kershaw received about one-third of the votes. He blames his loss on starting his campaign late and spending too much time on the road. "I didn't stop doing music, even during the campaign," he explains.

Still, the 51-year-old singer refuses to curb his music career for this political run either. With a new album, tentatively titled 'Better Than I Used To Be,' almost completed, he has no desire to take a break anytime soon. "I can't sit still," he says. "I think when you stop and slow down, that's what eventually kills you."

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