With the announcement of a new record deal, Sammy Kershaw is getting ready to release his next album this summer.

I Won't Back Down is set for release on June 9 via Cleopatra Records. The project will be Kershaw's his first release with the label, which also houses the Oak Ridge Boys, Wanda JacksonGlen Campbell and others.

“Sammy Kershaw is one of those voices that you know the moment you hear it," Cleopatra Records President Tim Yasui says. "We at Cleopatra are excited to work with an artist of Sammy’s caliber."

I Won't Back Down is Kershaw's first collection of all-new tunes in five years -- something that fans have been asking the singer for for a long while.

“At all of our shows, or wherever [we] go, people keep asking for new music. I’m glad to have a new record coming their way. They’ve waited a while. Hell, I’ve waited a while,” Kershaw says. “The other aspect of the new album that makes it exciting is getting a chance to work with Tim Yasui and all the staff at Cleopatra Records. Together, we’re ready to get it out to the people.”

The Louisiana native most recently released a tribute album to George Jones, whom he considered a good friend. The album was his first Top 40 release in over a decade; it debuted at No. 37 after its release in July.

“When I was four or five years old, I can remember hearing George Jones sing, and even though I hadn’t yet lived any of those heartbreaking songs, I could hear that natural tear in his voice, and it would make me cry,” Kershaw says. “I felt every word in every story that he was singing. I can remember that, when I was that little kid, I felt like I already knew him.”

Sammy Kershaw, I Won't Back Down Track Listing:

1. "Take a Letter Maria"
2. "Lay Back Down"
3. "Grillin’ and Chillin’"
4. "Fixer Upper"
5. "Groove"
6. "I Won’t Back Down"
7. "I Had to Give That Up Too"
8. "I Can’t Wait to Waste a Little Time"
9. "Send inthe Rodeo Clowns"
10. "Don’t Move"
11. "Why You Wanna Do Me This Way"
12. "Let’s Lay Here Forever"

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