On the heels of the release of his latest single, Sam Hunt says that he has a tremendous amount of new music cooking. In an interview with radio personality Bobby Bones, the country star revealed that, specifically, a second new song, called "Nothing Lasts Forever," is coming soon.

Hunt told Bones that when he shared his new single, "Downtown's Dead," on Wednesday (May 16), he was also planning on releasing "Nothing Lasts Forever" -- but the song needed a little bit more attention before the world could hear it. Hunt says that, instead, the song will be out in the next few weeks.

"I've got another song that I'm gonna put out here in a few weeks that is another step in the direction towards what will become something new from me in terms of a record," Hunt says of "Nothing Lasts Forever," "and maybe a new direction or a step forward of evolving as an artist or a writer."

Hunt says that his creative process is a bit all over the place: He likes to work on a lot of songs -- as in, 50 of them -- at the same time. But although Hunt is working on so much new music, he wants to make it clear that he isn't ready to release his sophomore album just yet.

"I didn't have enough continuity within that batch of songs to pick out 10 or 12 that would be a good record," he admits. "I still haven't quite gotten there yet."

Hunt admits that he doesn't necessarily feel pressure to follow what is currently popular when writing new music, or to write songs that might perform well at country radio: "I am torn sometimes between writing a song that I know might appeal to more people that I may not have as much connection to, and writing a song that I am connected to," he says.

"Downtown's Dead" blends country themes with R&B, hip-hop and pop flavors, and features a sweeping, high-drama chorus, as fans have come to expect from Hunt's hits. The single is currently available for download on iTunes.

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