Sam Hunt has released "Break Up in a Small Town" as his latest single. The song is the fourth single from his No. 1 debut album, 2014's Montevallo.

Much like he does in his hit single "Take Your Time," Hunt speaks parts of the lyrics in "Break Up in a Small Town," which say, “I knew she’d find a way to get over me / But I’d never thought that / She would get down with somebody I know / I guess that’s just how it goes / When you break up in a small town.”

"[I was] singing that chorus melody late one night while riding around, trying to come up with song ideas," Hunt recalls to Billboard.

Ultimately, even though he admits that he "didn't want to write anymore breakup songs," Hunt took the idea to hit songwriters Shane McAnally and Zach Crowell, who quickly fell in love with the idea.

"I started talking out a verse concept, and Zach happened to be recording," Hunt continues. "He played back the talking in place of the verses."

"Break Up in a Small Town" might be different, but so far, different is what is making Hunt's career work. His other three singles from Montevallo, including "Leave the Night On" and "House Party," have soared to the top of the charts, and each has earned at least platinum status, with "Take Your Time" already selling more than 2 million copies.

“A lot of times, songs can blend together on the radio, because there’s so many great songs out there,” Hunt says. “I wasn’t intentionally trying to be different [with "Take Your Time"], but that was an element of what I naturally do that happened to be unique enough to spark a curiosity for people.”

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