Rising artist Sam Grow wrote all but three tracks on his 2019 Love and Whiskey record. Two of those three tracks are the first ones the singer shared from the project, including the single "History."

"History" tells the story of complicated, drama-filled relationship that keeps pulling both people involved back in. While it's familiar territory for country radio, Grow says that he first loved the song because it told the story in a new way. To learn more, read on.

I'm thankful that [Average Joe Entertainment] let me put out two songs immediately, for several different reasons. One, because I think "History" fits a format that a lot of people are used to on the radio, and [my other song] "Boots" is kind of "me" and different. It's nice to have them both out.

I love "History" because we've got really great writers on it: Cameron Montgomery and Hardy, who's kinda killing it right now. I'd never heard [the subject matter of the song] said that way. And what I love about country music is how relatable and honest it is, and I feel like a lot of people, especially people from a small town, who have those "on again, off again" relationships -- they definitely tend to repeat. I just thought it was such a cool spin on the title, and such a cool spin on the story.

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