Sam Grow's first single off his upcoming full-length project, "History," isn't officially out for adds yet, but he's already gotten the chance to hear it played on country radio. The up-and-comer says hearing himself on the radio is always "magical," and that he never takes it for granted when people take time out of their day to listen to and request his songs.

Read on to learn more about Grow's first time hearing himself on country radio, in his own words.

It's a crazy moment to have that. There's a station called 98.7 WMZQ, which is one of the biggest stations up toward the Maryland and Virginia area, and there's a lady named Jenni Chase who happened to come out to one of our shows where she was doing a promo, and I was playing it.

She came over and was like, "I wanna try and spin this." This was back when music discovery [like that] was okay. I remember she played it, and I absolutely cried. You work so hard for certain things in your career, and that's one of the most magical ones.

We've had quite a few stations now that have been kind enough to pick up "History," and it's not even out for official adds yet. I feel like we have a really good community at country radio where, sometimes, we'll send them new stuff, and they'll just add it ...

It's just something that, it never gets old and never ceases to amaze. People take time out of their day, and there's so much stuff out there that, for them to even take a second out of their day to to listen to our song, let alone call in and request it, is just unreal.

Press play above to watch Grow's acoustic performance of another of his songs, "Boots."

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