Dallas, Texas-based country band Saints Eleven are premiering "Coming Back Around," the title track of their forthcoming album, exclusively on The Boot.

Saints Eleven's Jeff Grossman, Jeffrey Mosley and Alex Shepherd show off their Lone Star State-style combination of country, Americana, blues, bluegrass and rock in "Coming Back Around." It's a remorseful song, but it's in no way somber or melancholy, providing a nice juxtaposition for listeners.

Grossman wrote "Coming Back Around" using his own personal experience as fodder for the tune: It's "about learning from your mistakes and understanding that, 'Hey, I make mistakes, I'm human, but I'm trying to turn things around and not be such a moron at times,'" he tells The Boot.

"You can't change the past. What's done is done," Grossman adds. "The thing you can do is learn from those mistakes and just try to be a better person."

"I wish I could take back the words I said then / Make people forget about the way I acted / I'm coming back, hey, I'm coming back around," the lyrics go -- but there's some regret, too: "I know you love me, Lord, but I can't stand me / You should probably spend more time with those more worthy ... Guess what I'm trying to say, it's time for a change / Just give me one more try and wait and see ... I know you've heard these words a thousand times / Yeah, I'm just sorry."

"Coming Back Around" will appear on Saints Eleven's forthcoming album, Coming Back Around, set for release on Jan. 13; the project was produced by Walt Wilkins, whom Grossman calls "the Texas country Jesus," and is full of songs, like its title track, that find a man a little battle-worn, a little wiser and willing to look at a painful past and loss instead of ignoring it.

Fans can pre-order Coming Back Around on Saints Eleven's official website; there, they'll also fine a schedule of upcoming live shows.

Listen to Saints Eleven, "Coming Back Around":

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