Julianne Hough has been dating media mogul Ryan Seacrest for more than two years, but fans of the singer-dancer-actress will recall she had previously dating fellow country singer Chuck Wicks. The "Rock of Ages" actress admits that even while she was in that relationship, she was aware the TV and radio host was interested in pursuing her further.

"While we were dating, we went on Ryan's radio show together," the 24-year-old tells Glamour magazine. "The interview's on YouTube, and I blush when I hear it because Ryan is hitting on me the entire time! At the end, Ryan said something like, 'You guys really have something special!' And I thought to myself, He's so full of s--t right now."

Julianne acknowledges that even though she and Ryan have separate -- but equally busy -- schedules, they've found the common ground that makes it all work. "We both like that perfection in ourselves, and we want to make our relationship like that," she explains.

Julianne will next appear in the film, "Safe Haven," opposite Josh Duhamel, but insists she isn't abandoning her music career for the bright lights of Hollywood.

"[My album is] completely done," she told The Boot recently. "I was really, really looking forward to the record and we released one single from it and it didn't do too well. Then 'Footloose' came about, and everything has been having a lot of momentum with my films. Once you're on the train, you better ride it so I'm here doing this and I'm loving it. I feel like when I have the time to focus on it, and when I feel like it is the right time, [I'll return to] my music. I love performing. If I'm not performing, there's something missing in my life. I hope it will happen sooner rather than later, but I'm not gone."

"Safe Haven" is scheduled for a February 2013 release.

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