If the lyrics of "Blue Tacoma," the follow-up single to Russell Dickerson's chart-topping hit "Yours," sound vivid and true to life ... well, that's because they are. The country singer began with a simple idea of wanting to write a road trip song, but updated that idea into a plan to tell the story of a very specific -- and very personal -- road trip. 

"Red sun melting to the black top / Dollar shades from a nowhere truck stop / Your kiss and that coast line / If heaven is anywhere / Pull it over to the shoulder / To take you in and pull you closer," Dickerson sings in the second verse of the song, painting a vivid picture of falling in love to the backdrop of gorgeous California scenery, all in a Toyota Tacoma. Read on to learn more about how "Blue Tacoma" evolved into the song it is today.

"Blue Tacoma" started out more as a hypothetical. We thought we were writing a song that was going to be, like, "Wouldn't it be cool if we took a road trip?" It was a good song, but it wasn't great. But then, my wife and I got to live out in California for a while, and drive up and down the Pacific Coast Highway. That view is just breathtaking.

We came back to the co-writers, who were [Parker Welling and Casey Brown], the same guys who'd co-written my previous single, "Yours," and told them that we had to re-write the song. It was good, but we had to make it better. So we went back and put in all these real-life elements that my wife and I got to experience while we were on that trip.

Once we did that, and plugged in those little details that were true to life, it just clicked for the whole team. It was magic, and it's been amazing to see it click for fans as well.

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