Ross Cooper will release his new album, 'Give It Time,' on March 18, and he's letting readers of The Boot hear it early via this exclusive preview.

Born into a rodeo family, Cooper spent most of his life in that world, pursuing dual careers as a bareback rider in the PRCA and as a musician. After a knee injury, Cooper finally made the decision to pursue music full-time.

Cooper co-produced the upcoming album with Jon Taylor at Mount Vernon Studios in Lubbock, Texas. He wrote 10 of the 11 tracks by himself, and co-wrote the other with Jeremy Drinkwine.

Highlights of the album include 'Witches,' 'Running Away,' 'Don't Remember' and 'Girl From the Diner,' an interesting murder ballad. The title song truly speaks to Cooper's unique lyrical perspective, with the lament, “What doesn’t kill us first, my friends, just give it time, give it time, give it time.”

“I think my approach to this album is different from projects that I've worked before because I've lived more,” Cooper says, “and I hope listeners can tell that my writing has changed because of it. I finished tracking this album right before I moved to Nashville, so in a way it represents a huge life change.”

For more information on Ross Cooper, visit his official website.

Listen to Ross Cooper, 'Give It Time'