At a fitting moment, the music video for Rosanne Cash's "The Walking Wounded" has been released on March 29, Vietnam Veteran Day. Readers can press play above to watch the poignant black-and-white video. It's the first music video to be released from Johnny Cash: Forever Wordsa collection of the country music legend's unpublished writing set to music by a collaborative of world class musicians.

According to his son and album co-producer John Carter Cash, the words to "The Walking Wounded" were written by Johnny Cash during a time in his life when he was suffering from his own physical pain and had immersed himself in literature about the Vietnam War and the PTSD suffered by veterans of that war. His daughter Rosanne Cash sets the moving lyrics to a slow and tender melody.

"We're in the church house kneeling down / We're in the subways underground / We're in the bars and on the street / We drive a truck we walk a beat / We're in the mills and factories / We make the steel we cut the trees / A thousand-yard stare, eyes of glass / But we will see you when you pass."

“There’s so much pain in these lyrics, and they’re unrelentingly dark,” Rosanne Cash says in a press release. “I really tried to feel what [my father] would have thought about it, and it felt like a collaboration. I think he’d be proud of it. I am.”

The video for “The Walking Wounded” was filmed at Johnny Cash’s childhood home in Dyess, Ark. The scenes shift from Cash as she plays and sings to a glimpse of people from all walks of life, who are the walking wounded.

The 16-song album will be available on CD, double-LP vinyl and digitally on April 6, but can be pre-ordered now.

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