It's been just over a month since Joey Feek's death following her months-long battle with terminal cancer, and in a new blog post, her husband, Rory Feek, shares how an early-morning gathering with friends has him pondering what story he will tell next, both figuratively and literally.

Once a week, Feek and his neighbor Gabe -- who also happens to be the father of Scout, Feek's daughter Indiana's best friend, and worked with Joey + Rory on many video-related projects -- meet for coffee, along with a group of other men, "and do man stuff -- whatever that is. Mostly talk and share stories and laugh ... There’s no agenda. No plan to get to the bottom of anything … except our coffee cups."

Feek writes that, during these get-togethers, they "laugh," "heal" and "ponder what’s next in our lives. What story God is using us to tell."

"It might be something heavy and profound -- like what Joey and I’ve been through the last year or two -- where you feel His presence and you know you can not get through a single day without Him. Or it might be something much smaller. A moment that seems insignificant, but most likely it’s not," he explains, adding, "In my life, it’s never been the big events that change everything … it’s always been the small ones. The ones that you don’t think matter. But they do.

"And so I will celebrate and capture the big stories and the small ones in my life," Feek continues. "Because they are all part of a much larger story that someone else is telling. A story about healing a heart that is broken. Too broken to talk about, so we don’t. We just drink coffee. And we laugh."

Prior to her death, Joey Feek told her husband that she wanted him "to continue to tell our story and other stories."

“She wants me to go on and continue writing and making more movies,” Rory Feek recalled at the time. “… And she’s also encouraged me to write a book. Joey and I have both experienced the power of living, and telling a great story, so I hope to be able to continue writing and being part of a great story.”

Feek is already carrying out his wife's wish: On Thursday (April 14), a film that he directed, co-wrote and edited will screen at the 2016 Nashville Film Festival. Titled Josephine, the movie tells the story of “a desperate young farmer’s wife” who poses as a man to enlist in the army and “battles the enemy, the men of her unit and her own identity in a quest to find her missing husband.” The film is inspired by a Civil War soldier named John Robison, who wrote letters home to his wife, Josephine, while he was away fighting. On their 2012 album His + Hers, Joey + Rory included the song “Josephine,” also inspired by those letters.

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