On their 2012 album His + HersJoey + Rory included the song "Josephine," inspired by a Civil War soldier named John Robison, who wrote letters home to his wife, Josephine, while he was away fighting. Rory Feek was also inspired to turn Robison's notes into a movie, titled Josephine as well, which has been selected to screen at the upcoming 2016 Nashville Film Festival.

Directed, co-written and edited by Feek, Josephine tells the story of "a desperate young farmer's wife" who poses as a man to enlist in the army and "battles the enemy, the men of her unit and her own identity in a quest to find her missing husband." The film stars Alice Coulthard, Boris McGiver, Jessejames Locorriere and Linds Edwards and, in addition to Feek, was co-written and produced by Joey + Rory's manager (and Rory Feek's cousin), Aaron Carnahan. Bryan Allen served as the director of photography, while Daniel Grace acted as an editor, DIT and post-production coordinator. Heidi Feek is credited as Josephine's music supervisor, and Russell Brisby was the associate producer and locations manager. Additionally, Erica Arvold served as a producer and the casting director; Kevin Herhberger acted as historical producer and handled wardrobe; and Ben Howard is credited as a producer.

In the spring of 2015, Rory Feek launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to complete the film. A total of $121,586 was raised.

"I always believe that, in the end … the ‘work’ should do the work. Magic doesn’t happen because you plan it. It happens because you believe in it," Feek writes on the movie's Kickstarter page. "And I believe in the magic of telling a great story … like Josephine’s. One that’s hard at times, and rough and scary, and you don’t know what’s going to happen."

The 2016 Nashville Film Festival is scheduled to run April 14-23, with Josephine set for showings on opening and closing night. Fans can see a trailer for Josephine on the film's official website and get more information about the 2016 Nashville Film Festival on the event's official website. Other films screening at the 2016 Nashville Film Festival include Honky Tonk Heaven: The Legend of the Broken SpokeSidemen: Long Road to Glory and A Song for You: The Austin City Limits Story.

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