Nashville singer-songwriter Ron Pope will release a new album next year, but The Boot's readers are getting a sneak peek at the project months in advance. Press play below to hear "Take the Edge Off" and "Practice What I Preach," both part of a new double single from the artist.

"Take the Edge Off," a song about finding comfort after a tough breakup, uses the metaphor of an addict chasing one more dose to explore the pain of letting go. To write the song, Pope teamed up with fellow singer-songwriter Emily Scott Robinson after meeting her at AmericanaFest in 2018. The two came up with the idea for "Take the Edge Off" on social media, then decided to meet up to finish the lyrics together in person.

Pope handles songwriting duties by himself on the decidedly more upbeat "Practice What I Preach," a cautionary tale about remembering to take your own advice. "I will do my best to practice what I preach," Pope sings in the song's infectious refrain. "So you don't have to learn things on the street like I did when I was half my age / Long before I knew the price I'd have to pay."

Fans might recognize Pope, who was born in Georgia and is now based in Music City, from his guest role (as himself) during the third season of the television series Nashville. He co-owns a record label, Brooklyn Basement Records, with his wife Blair, and his songs have also been featured on shows including The Voice90210 and So You Think You Can Dance.

Pope is currently planning to release his next album, which will be titled Bone Structure, in the spring of 2020. The record -- which will be Pope's first full-length release since 2017 -- is a series of life lessons for his daughter, and offers a deeper look into his life philosophy and sonic influences.

"The narratives on this album are only part of what I wanted to share with my child," Pope says. "The record is also meant to take her on a sonic journey through my influences, and I guess she's influencing me now."

Fans can visit for more details.

Listen to Ron Pope's "Take the Edge Off" and "Practice What I Preach"

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