Robyn Ottolini's acoustic performance of her single "F-150" is daring -- especially because the performance puts the singer and her guitarist in the bed of a burning truck! It's premiering exclusively on The Boot; press play above to watch.

The acoustic version of "F-150" strips the song down to how it sounded when Ottolini first wrote it, she tells The Boot. The performance -- filmed in one take the morning after she filmed her official "F-150" music video, in the field behind the studio at which she recorded the song -- utilizes the same truck from that clip.

"We had to be in sync with each other, from the person holding the speaker to the director to the truck mirror burning to my feet moving at the same pace as the cameraman," Ottolini shares. The fire and smoke are all real -- nothing was added in post-production -- and because it was winter in Canada, the artist and the crew were also dealing with cold temperatures.

"I love this video because it features me in a way that's hard to find in edited videos. All my quirks come out because they're usually impulsive and silly, and in the moment, I thought they were a good idea," Ottolini reflects. "I've never felt more 'me' in a video, and I hope the audience can truly come away from the video knowing who 'Robyn Ottolini' is as a person.”

Ottolini wrote "F-150" with Mark Schroor and Erik Fintelman, her managers and the song's production team. The song found popularity on TikTok in 2020, earning the Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada native a record deal with Warner Music Nashville following two independent projects.

A 2019 Country Music Association of Ontario Awards Rising Star Award nominee, Ottolini has been songwriting since she was 13 years old. Fans can learn more about her at

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