Memphis-born artist Rob Baird is exclusively premiering his "Wrong Side of the River" music video for readers of The Boot.

Baird's "Wrong Side of the River" clip begins with a quote: "The waters that separate us and carve us apart shall all flow into one." The video tells the story of a couple whose relationship is on the rocks -- and as the storyline progresses, viewers will realize that the woman needs to set herself free from this toxic relationship.

"Gonna hitch me a ride in the dead of night and leave / You can keep your weekend gambles and your godd--ned Delta heat / I don't need your empty dreams and miles of angry streets," Baird sings in the song's first verse. "Like that hard-earned money, I'm gone / Been on the wrong side of the river too long."

"Wrong Side of the River" has a feeling of desperation throughout it. As Baird tells The Boot, "This video personifies the meaning of getting the hell out of a bad situation, which is a lesson that is hard earned and needed in so many cases." That's something that the singer-songwriter knows personally, having moved to Tennessee after living in Texas for eight years ... and then moving back again.

“I love Texas, but I knew there was more out there," Baird admits. "It was time for me to go out there and figure it out on my own, hit the reset button."

But eventually, after a year, he knew that it was time to go back to Texas.

"These feelings became the basis for this song," Baird tells Rolling Stone, "but after putting pen to paper, I think this song is about fighting through the darkness to find the light. Sometimes you got to fight tooth and nail."

The result of that turmoil is an honest, vulnerable, sometimes-lonely album, Wrong Side of the River, a 10-track record released on May 13. The project is available on iTunes. For information on Baird's upcoming tour dates, visit his official website.

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