Twice a year, music fans have the opportunity to join friends and strangers alike across the country in celebrating one of their favorite media formats: vinyl.

Not that anyone needs an excuse to visit local shops and spend money on records, but Record Store Day and Record Store Day Black Friday unite music fans in a special and distinct way. They camp out the night before. They make lists of what they hope to get. They eat donuts and drink coffee with people they've never talked to before as they gush over favorite artists and albums. And then, they rush the record store — in an orderly fashion, of course — and find gems that will soon earn a new home in their stacks of wax.

As The Boot does every year, we want to share the records we're especially excited about for Record Store Black Friday, which is set this year for Nov. 29, 2019. Though the list of releases is seemingly endless (you can see everything here), we took it upon ourselves to pick out the five must-haves from some of our favorite country artists. Check out our picks below, and we'll see you at the record store soon!

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