Ray Scott has released the music video for his drinking tune "Ain't Always Thirsty."

The song is a throwback to classic country's sad drinking songs, with the alcohol consumption having more to do with sadness and self-medication than partying. Scott worked with director Blake Judd, who has also worked with Kristian Bush and Blackberry Smoke, to match the tone of the video to the song.

"The song is very beautiful yet dark and painful, with no glimmer of hope. It's classic country in every way," Judd tells Rolling Stone Country. "Most videos, no matter the theme, seem to have a light at the end. Ray has no light here. And sometimes that's not a bad thing, because it's true to life."

The video was mainly filmed in a dark motel room in East Nashville, Tenn., and Scott says that the serious subject matter was a bit more difficult to film than his previous videos, including the video for "Drinkin' Beer," in which the North Carolina native shows some leg in a mini skirt.

"Over the years, my videos have been tongue-in-cheek and lighthearted. This one took a little bit of acting," he says. "I had to draw on the feelings that made me write the song in the first place. I even had me a few drinks during the process, just to get in that mindset. It was my first ever approach to actually have to appear down on my luck and sad."

Scott co-wrote "Ain't Always Thirsty" with Mark Stephen Jones. The song appears on his self-titled album, which is available for download via iTunes and Amazon.

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