When you're on tour for three months, you get a lot of downtime between shows. Perhaps that's why musicians are continually coming up with good-humored pranks to play one another. Rascal Flatts has been around the block a time or two, so all three members have memories of favorite stunts they pulled on their fellow artists.

"Oh boy, there's been some good ones," Joe Don Rooney told reporters (Quotes via Country Weekly). "[Darius Rucker] was pretty good," Gary LeVox admitted, recalling an incident from a tour a few years back.

Agreeing, Joe Don continues the story. "One of the last nights of the tour, we put a goat in his dressing room backstage -- and it pretty much ate everything, including the couch," he explained.

Things may have been all fun and games in the moment, but the tale's ending wasn't so happy for the trio. "Yeah, the goat kind of bit us back though," Gary reveals, "because I think we had to pay for all the couches and stuff that got chewed up."

However, the goats -- and the games -- didn't stop there. The threesome even arranged for their furry friends to join Darius on stage.

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