"Nashville" actor Charles Esten stars in Rascal Flatts' new video for "Changed." The song tells a tale of redemption and to compliment that, the clip shows Charles (or Chip, if you're close) on a downward spiral, with lead singer Gary LeVox appearing as his neighborhood bartender. (Watch below.)

"Chip is the consummate pro," says the band's Jay DeMarcus. "He believed in the song and the message and wanted to be a part of it. We thought it would be a long shot to get him now that he's on the huge television show 'Nashville' but in the end, after we black-mailed him, he agreed to do it. Seriously, it is an honor to have Chip, and all that he brings to the table attached to this very important video."

While the story of the video isn't that of Deacon Claybourne -- Charles' character on the hit drama series -- it is one to which the fictional musician may be able to relate. "This video treatment best captures the emotion and depth of the lyrics," Jay adds. "It tells the story of a man on the brink of despair, who is ultimately saved by the ones around him, who love him the most. In that, he finds the strength to forgive himself."

Watch Rascal Flatts' 'Changed' Video