2020 marks Rascal Flatts' 20th anniversary as a band, and the trio has no intention of letting the milestone slide by uncelebrated.

"It's gonna be crazy, next year," the group told The Boot and other outlets at the end of 2019. "To celebrate 20 years, that's a huge milestone in our career, and there's so many things on the books I don't even know where to begin. But yeah, we're gonna celebrate for the entire year. We've got some great things planned."

Recording music is a part of those plans, though the three bandmates agree that they've been enjoying the more free-form approach to sharing new songs that they adopted in late 2018. As of now, they're planning to continue going song by song, instead of dropping a full album.

"We've really just been kinda working on new music, just cutting songs as we find the ones we're passionate about," the group's Jay DeMarcus explains. "We don't really have any timetable to release that music, as of right now. Over the next couple of months, as we finish it, we're gonna start to figure out what we're doing with it."

Between cutting new music, wrapping their latest tour and prepping for anniversary celebrations, Rascal Flatts are busy. They're also working hard to stay in the moment -- something they wish they could go back in time, to the beginning of their career, and tell themselves to try harder to do.

"It all happens in a blink and goes by so quickly. Everything was happening so fast, and I probably didn't soak it up enough," DeMarcus admits. "I wish that I could go back and tell myself, 'This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a once-in-a-lifetime ride that you're on. Enjoy every single second you get to live this extraordinary life.'"

As Rascal Flatts came up in the industry, they kept their heads down, focusing on working hard and putting out the best music possible. It wasn't until much later that they realized the extent of what they'd created as a band. Two decades later, though, they're trying to keep a more zoomed-out perspective.

"We do it for ourselves, and it's something we love, but [we'd love to go back and tell our younger selves] that the impact of what it is is actually for the world," the band offers. "People tell us all the time that we've been the soundtrack to their entire life. Sometimes we have four, five generations of people that come to our shows. So I would tell ourselves that it's actually bigger than us, music as a whole."

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