Randy Travis, his wife Mary and The Voice alum James Dupré star in a forthcoming new film, The Price -- and it's likely the last movie that we'll see Travis in for a while.

The Price's plot is simple: IMDB states that Travis plays Roy Taggert, a country music legend who attempts to make amends with a son he never knew, Jonah Anderson (played by Dupré), who is an aspiring musician and longtime fan of his absent father. Travis' real-life wife, Mary Davis, plays Anderson's mom in the movie. Though The Price is fictional, the film's premise was inspired by true-life events, director Kim Hughes writes on the movie's blog.

While Travis has made great strides since his stroke in 2013, as viewers were able to see at the announcement of his entry into the Country Music Hall of Fame, the country icon still has a long way to go for a full recovery. But that's why this movie is so touching: It captures the Travis who made a legacy for himself, in his last film before the stroke. In the trailer above, Travis is shown wan and frail as he lays in a bed trying to make amends with his son.

Dupré tells Rolling Stone, "It was a great character to play and get to know, having to really put myself in that position of discovering the truth and learning to forgive." And the added bonus of working with Travis was deeply memorable.

"It was a dream come true," Dupré says. "I remember the first day he showed up on set, I was really excited to meet him and unsure what to expect. Before I even had a chance to worry, he came up to me and shook my hand, pulled out his guitar and said he wanted to show me a new song he'd written. I couldn't believe it! So we jammed out for a bit, then went to work.

"He's such a great person, and his commitment to both acting and singing inspires me," he adds. "Throughout the shooting of the film, he showed me tips and made our scenes easier for me because he made it so believable."

The Price is set for release to DVD and Netflix on June 15.

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