Texas country outfit Randy Rogers Band released their record Hellbent in April of 2019. Produced by Dave Cobb in historic RCA Studio A, it's the first music they'd put out in three years. Rogers and Co. say most of the songs that made the cut were chosen with the live setting in mind, so while the record is full of fun drinking anthems, there's also a couple of sad ones -- specifically, "We Never Made It to Mexico," a heartbreak ballad with quite a few Spanish phrases sprinkled in.

At a media event to discuss the album, Rogers and Cobb discussed the story behind the making -- and meaning -- of "We Never Made It to Mexico." Read below to find out more. 

Randy Rogers: I wanted to make sure that I didn’t screw [singing in Spanish] up, because, being from Texas, immersed in the culture, I would have never lived it down. So my good friend coached me.

It’s hilarious, because [with] slang, there’s so many ways you can say certain things, right? So I said it the way that [he] told me to say it, so it’s his fault if it’s not right.

Dave Cobb: It’s one of my favorite songs on the album. My favorite memory is him practicing the accent. I think the first two times, instead of saying "love," he said "stinky socks."

Rogers: This song is about this poor guy that goes to the airport with a ring in his pocket, gonna ask his girlfriend to marry him, and she leaves him at the airport, so he gets hammered on tequila and ends up in Cabo by himself.

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