Rising country artist Raleigh Keegan recently released his single "Don't Take Time," and he's sharing an acoustic performance of the track exclusively with The Boot's readers. Press play above to watch.

Plinking piano, acoustic guitar and brushed drums create the originally electric guitar-driven melody of "Don't Take Time" in this acoustic performance, recorded at Nashville's Layman Drug Company. The song, Keegan says, was inspired by his and wife Shelby's love story.

"I'd been dating a girl for four years, and I saw a random girl at the time, who went on to be my wife. I just looked at her, and I was like, 'Man, that's the one.' It was a big problem, because I was dating this girl and we were really serious," he tells Taste of Country. But, Keegan and Shelby kept running into each other, and he was smitten; when Keegan's relationship ended, he and Shelby quickly fell in love.

"That girl that I was dating ended up marrying my roommate of that summer," he shares. "The dude she married went to college with my wife and I went to college with her ... and we're both really happy."

Raised in Ohio, Keegan has an unconventional story, to say the least: He was born in prison (his mother was serving time related to drug charges), and although he was adopted by a loving family, he did get to know his birth mother later in life. She died of cancer earlier in 2019.

"Don't Take Time" is Keegan's first single from a forthcoming EP, set for release this fall; he's been working on the project with producer Ryan Gore. Visit RaleighKeegan.com for more.

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