In November, RaeLynn was finally able to announce that she'd signed to Round Here Records, a new label launched in August by Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley. The partnership had been in the works for a long time beforehand, RaeLynn explains to The Boot, and she was anxious to share her good news.

"Oh my gosh, it's so great that I get to talk about it now," the singer says excitedly. "I think there's something so beautiful about partnering with a label that has artists on the forefront of it."

RaeLynn's excited not only because she and Hubbard and Kelley are close friends, but she says getting to share her next career move with her buddies makes the new label deal even sweeter. "I have a picture of me, BK and Tyler, and they're holding me up and I have a flower in my hair," she adds, cracking up. "We were at freaking Talladega. I was about do the Grand Ole Opry, and they had a big show there.

"I've known the guys for a really, really long time," RaeLynn shares. "It's special to me to be able to have a full-circle moment, and have them be on my team."

Most importantly, though, the singer says she's excited to be part of a label with heads who know exactly what it's like to be an artist. "They get that it's not just about having a No. 1 song. That doesn't make somebody an artist, or make somebody have a complete brand," RaeLynn points out. "It's about putting out continuous music and growing something."

With that in mind, RaeLynn has already started sharing new music. When she announced her deal with Round Here Records, she simultaneously dropped "Bra Off," explaining that it was a song that fans who heard it at her live shows had been asking for for a long time.

"The reason why this is the first song is because the fans chose it. I've been playing it out for two years, and the fans have been begging me for "Bra Off,"" she recounts, adding that the song is also a great indication of the kind of music ahead.

"It's fun, it's honest, it's quirky, and it's me. That's what all these new songs are," RaeLynn relates. "They're fun, honest and quirky."

The singer goes on to say that releasing new music -- a whole lot of it -- in 2020 is an important part of her game plan with her new label. "That was a big part of my deal points, was wanting to be able to release music more. We can't, as artists, base a career off of one single, two singles a year. We have to have more music out," she says. "So I'm putting out an EP in the first quarter. And after that, we have a couple more things coming up.

"It's gonna be a big year for a lot of music," RaeLynn promises.