RaeLynn has released the music video for her latest single, "Lonely Call," turning to the inspiration behind the song to create the deeply personal video. Readers can press play above to watch the singer, surrounded by her real-life friends and family, help a friend work through the aftermath of a breakup.

In an interview with ET, RaeLynn shares both why "Lonely Call" is so personally important to her, and how the video came to be. Based on a real-life breakup with her now-husband Josh, RaeLynn says she now laughs about how angry she was then.

"We dated for eight months and broke up ... the song is verbatim how I felt," RaeLynn tells ET. "I remember him calling me one night, and he wasn't being mean or anything like that -- when you're together and you're so in love, you want to call the person even if you're not together. I was like, 'I'm not your lonely call! I'm a Texas girl! I'm gonna be this and this and this.'

"I wrote the song, and every time [Josh] hears it, he just laughs," RaeLynn adds. "He goes, 'I always regretted breaking up with you, but listen, you wouldn't have gotten any of these songs if I didn't do it.' I was like, 'Whatever!'"

In the "Lonely Call" video, RaeLynn plays the supportive best friend of a girl recently cast aside. The cast of characters is rounded out with some of the artist's closest friends and her sister-in-law-turned-BFF Heather.

"What I loved about this treatment was that it was so relatable," RaeLynn says. "I also loved getting to play the empowering best friend because it's an important relationship in every girl's life."

"Lonely Call" is the second single from her debut album, WildHorse.

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