The Raelyn Nelson Band have released the music video for their new song "Brother."

The funny video features Nelson and her band playing the song while Nelson texts a scumbag boyfriend, "I know where you are and WHO you're with," and, "Oh, and I told my brother." After the guy sees those messages, he tries to make a run for it, pleading for mercy from Nelson over text, but said brother is already hot on the guy's heels.

The band released their self-titled EP last year, combining Nelson's traditional country roots with her band's rock aesthetic.

"I would call it a mix between Loretta Lynn and Cheap Trick. Kinda like Cheap Trick with a female singer," Nelson tells The Boot. "There’s a little bit of pop in it, and a lot of rock, and I’m the country in the band. My voice is definitely more of a country-sounding voice than a rocker. But I hope to be a rocker one day. [Laughs]

"The guys in the band, when I say, 'I’m a rock star! I’m a rocker!' They says, 'No, you don’t rock,'" she adds with a laugh. "I’ll just pretend to rock with them.

"It’s hard to even put it in a genre," Nelson continues. "Country rock? But when you think of country rock, you think of Eric Church nowadays. Not that he’s not great, but it’s not really Eric Church-y, either."

Nelson's musical talent is a little different than what country fans typically see from leading ladies: She traded in her guitar for a ukelele, thanks to producer and co-writer Jonathan Bright, whom Nelson calls J.B.

"It’s funny, my grandpa [Willie Nelson] gave me a guitar when I was 14. He gave me a Martin acoustic, and I started taking lessons and learned how to play. I played acoustic guitar all the way up until two years ago. J.B. had a ukelele project going at the time, and they were doing a Replacements covers album, all on ukelele, and so he was really into the ukelele, and he had a couple of them lying around," she explains. "I picked it up, and he taught me the chords, and for some reason it just, I feel more comfortable playing the ukelele. I know I’ve only been playing it two years, but I would much rather pick up a ukelele and play that in front of people than pick up the guitar, even though I’ve been playing the guitar longer.

"I still play guitar. When I go to write a song, I’ll pick up a guitar to hear the notes," Nelson explains, "but with the band I’d rather play the ukelele."

Nelson and her band are part of the lineup at her grandpa's annual Fourth of July Picnic, being held this year just outside of Austin, Texas, and also featuring performances from Church, Merle HaggardKacey MusgravesSturgill Simpson and others.

"Brother" and the Raelyn Nelson Band EP are available for download on iTunes.