Sometimes the only thing that can take the edge off of a deep heartbreak comes in a glass bottle: whiskey. In their new "Whiskey Bent Wings" music video, exclusively premiering on The Boot, South Indiana native Rachel Timberlake and her band tell the story of a broken-hearted woman who desperately wants to dull her pain.

The clip's storyline centers around an older woman in an empty house. It's clear that she's missing someone as she wanders through her home, up the stairs and to the door of a bedroom. But her pain is too great for her to even step foot into the bedroom; instead, she casts a wistful glance into it before shutting the door.

The woman finds several old pictures and looks longingly through them; we're led to believe that her husband passed away, and something has happened to her daughter. She walks through the house, clutching a photograph of herself and her daughter as a baby, as Timberlake sings, "On whiskey-bent wings, it still feels like you're here."

Throughout the video, the woman is shown toying with a bottle of whiskey -- but never drinking it. Although much of Timberlake's music video is despondent, there is a happy ending (here's a hint: A car pulls up to the house, and someone special is in it).

"Whiskey Bent Wings" is from Timberlake's 6-song EP, American Made. The melancholy, bluesy ballad explores the loss of a loved one, and while its lyrics focus on a lost lover, the video shows that the sentiment is applicable to several sad situations, be it death, a falling out, a breakup or other scenarios.

Timberlake herself is certainly no stranger to pain. She played hundreds of concerts per year for four years, but her touring focus came to an abrupt halt in 2013, when a drunk driver hit Timberlake and her band while they were on their way home from some gigs. The group was forced to take time off from the road in order to heal from the injuries and work to replace their wrecked gear -- but the incident inspired Timberlake to write American Made.

The Rachel Timberlake Band's American Made EP is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

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