Point of GraceMultiple Dove-award winning Christian group Point of Grace are pointing themselves in a new direction -- country music! The trio, comprised of Leigh Cappillino, Shelley Breen and Denise Jones, began as an all-female quartet more than 17 years ago, but found themselves at a crossroads when former member Heather Payne decided to leave the group to focus on her family.

"Heather happened to have the biggest voice," Shelley explains to Nashville's Tennessean newspaper. "Our sound automatically changed to a more organic country vibe when she left. It was definitely a calculated move on our part to go country, and we're hoping we can gain a little momentum, if not more."

Testing the waters last year, Point of Grace released two songs to country radio, 'How You Live (Turn Up The Music)' and 'I Wish,' coming in at No. 52 and No. 49 on the charts, respectively. The moderate airplay was just enough success to motivate the women to shift directions.

"I think that with any radio format, the programmers want to know if you're trying to use their format to get more airplay, or if you really love the music," Heather says. "I can 110 percent say we have sort of found ourselves on this record and found our new sound."

They are certainly in good hands. Point of Grace's debut country CD, 'No Changin' Us,' was produced by Nathan Chapman, best known for producing Taylor Swift's multi-platinum albums. The 11-song project also features songs by some of country's most successful writers, including Hillary Lindsey, Leslie Satcher and Brian White.

Now firmly establishing themselves as country music artists, the trio sometimes wonder what took them so long. "We live in Nashville, and you don't have to stretch your pinky out to touch someone that's so talented," Leigh says. "Family and community is something that's always been extremely important to us and as we grow older, even more important to us. That's one of the reasons we feel at home in country music. We have the same heartbeat."

In addition to promoting their new album, Point of Grace are also working on their third Christmas album. They also just released their first cookbook, 'Cooking With Grace: A Cookbook From Point of Grace With Julie Adkison.'

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