The Pistol Annies -- the country trio comprised of Ashley Monroe, Angaleena Presley and Miranda Lambert -- include plenty of heartbreak on their third studio album, Interstate Gospel. However, they take a lighter look at a breakup with the uptempo "Got My Name Changed Back," the project's single.

The Annies know a little something about love and loss: Collectively, the bandmates have four marriages and two divorces under their belts. As Monroe explains to The Boot, the song is an important moment of levity on an album that often delves into the lowest points of losing a relationship. Read on to learn the story behind "Got My Name Changed Back," and why it was so important to the Annies to include the track on their third album.

We wrote that at Miranda's farm. We wrote a lot of our songs out there, and then we also wrote some of them on the road with her, but I have no idea what started ["Got My Name Changed Back"].

Angaleena always says that this song is about absolutely no one in our band! But seriously, we know a lot of people that can relate to it. Two out of three of us have been divorced. So I think it was funny when we started the conversation and started singing it, but it was also important to me that we put that on our record. Because divorce, from what I've witnessed -- and you know, I've seen two of my closest friends go through it -- it looks like one of the hardest things, and I hope I never have to go through that pain.

Being a friend of a lot of people who have been through [divorce], I know sometimes you just need a little silver lining and, for one second in that day, to just laugh out loud and not be heartbroken. I think it was important for us to provide that to anyone who needs it -- even people who aren't getting divorced. I mean, I get into this song, and I've never gotten my name changed back.

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