The O'Connor Band are premiering their brand-new "Always Do" music video exclusively with The Boot. The simple clip features the bluegrass sextet performing the new single in a peaceful, picturesque forest -- a perfect performance spot for a tune like "Always Do."

Near the end of the "Always Do" video, as lead vocalist and fiddler Kate Lee sings "I'll make my way back to your front door," the O'Connor Band hit the road, and viewers will see the group preparing for a show and performing onstage. Readers can press play on the video above to watch the new clip.

"Always Do" comes from the O'Connor Band's debut album, Coming Home, which is due out on Aug. 5. Along with Lee, the band features her fiance, Forrest O'Connor; his father, well-known bluegrass fiddler Mark O'Connor; and the elder O'Connor's wife, Maggie O'Connor, as well as Joe Smart and Geoff Saunders.

“I’ve recorded on at least 500 albums, but I have to say, there are very few, if any, that I’ve been as proud of as this O’Connor Band album," Mark O'Connor reflects. "With the help of Grammy winners Gregg Field [co-producer] and Neal Cappellino [chief engineer], we’re bridging the gap between progressive bluegrass, country and indie folk and yet creating something that is also very commercially viable.”

O'Connor first signed with Rounder Records -- the label that is releasing Coming Home -- when he was 12 years old; he released his debut album with the label in 1975 and has released more than 40 albums, on multiple labels, in the years since. In additional to winning national championships on the fiddle, guitar and mandolin as a child, the artist has also won two Grammys and was named Musician of the Year at the CMA Awards for six years in a row in the early '90s.

Coming Home is available for pre-order via Amazon and iTunes. The O'Connor Band's upcoming tour dates are available on Mark O'Connor's official website.

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