Noah Guthrie's music career has always been closely linked to his family life. Ever since the 11th grade, he has toured with his road manager father and his drummer and recording engineer brother, so it's only fitting that the first time Guthrie heard himself on the radio, he was in a car with his dad.

Read on to learn the full story of Guthrie's first time hearing himself on the radio, told by the singer himself.

[I don't think I've ever heard an original song of mine played on the radio], but the covers get put on some various Sirius[XM] radio playlists. [The first one I heard] was probably [my cover of LMFAO's] "Sexy and I Know It." That was my biggest cover I've ever done.

I do remember we heard it while we were driving. I think we were in a rental car on the way to a show, and we heard it on the Coffee House [SirusXM station] or something. That's a special thing. It doesn't matter if it's an original or a cover, it's a very special moment. I remember listening to it with my dad, like, "Wow, this is kind of working. Holy crap."

My dad actually tours with me. He's my road manager, and my brother's my drummer and recording engineer, so we kind of get the family vibe for the tours, and it's really great. It's something I take for granted sometimes, just because I've been touring with them since I was in 11th grade, and not everyone gets to do that. I get to see the country and the world with my family and do what we love.

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