Mountain Heart are gearing up to release their first new album in more that five years, and they're revealing the song "Miss Me When I'm Gone" first to The Boot's readers in this exclusive premiere.

Mountain Heart's soulful sound plays well on "Miss Me When I'm Gone," a sassy farewell from a jilted lover. The song has definite Chris Stapleton vibes, so it's no surprise, then, that the band's upcoming record, Blue Skies, features a song co-written by Stapleton and Ronnie Bowman.

Blue Skies, due out on May 6 via Compass Records, features 10 tracks; the project was produced by Mountain Heart and cut live to tape, with no edits. The five-member bluegrass band, led by frontman Josh Shilling, melds together seamlessly, though their lineup has changed many times over.

Mountain Heart began in 1998, with the original lineup of Barry Abernathy, Steve Gulley, Adam Steffey and Jim VanCleve. Shilling has been with Mountain Heart since 2007, when he took over Gulley's lead singing position; he is the only member featured on Blue Skies who has been previously featured on a Mountain Heart Record. Jeff Partin, Seth Taylor, Aaron Ramsey and Molly Cherryholmes round out the current lineup.

Because the individual members of Mountain Heart have such a depth of talent, the finished product of Blue Skies is something that Shilling is extremely proud of.

"It’s a dream come true musically speaking," he reflects. "This reinvention and the time between our last record has allowed us the creative space to create the best batch of songs we’ve ever released.”

Shilling adds, "Rather than focusing on the past, rather than clouding our time with negativity or anxiety, we’re focusing on living in the here and now, and celebrating every opportunity we have together. Our love and passion for each other and the music we create is transparent on and offstage. We live our lives doing what we love while making lifelong memories every night with our friends and supporters around the world. What more could we possibly ask for?”

Blue Skies is available for pre-order now.

Listen to Mountain Heart, "Miss Me When I'm Gone":

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