Song: 'Where I Come From'

Why We Dig It: After a tumultuous year that included duo member Eddie Montgomery's battle with prostate cancer and divorce from wife Tracy, the boys of Montgomery Gentry are back and better than ever with 'Where I Come From,' an intense, impactful music video shot from the viewpoint of a deployed soldier. "I don't know if we would have made the same album if we hadn't been through everything we've been through in the last year," notes Troy Gentry. "We've always tried to record songs about things we've lived or seen, but the depth of all of those experiences really comes out in this album."

'Rebels on the Run,' out October 18, is Montgomery Gentry's first studio album in more than three years, to be released on their new label home, Average Joes Entertainment. Click here for the duo's tour dates and ticket information.

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