One of Miranda Lambert's favorite tracks on her Wildcard album is a feel-good, boozy number with a West Texas feel. The singer co-wrote "Tequila Does" with Jon Randall and Jack Ingram in the same town where she wrote her 2016 hit "Tin Man." Read on to learn what inspired "Tequila Does" -- and why she loves performing it live so much -- in Lambert's own words.

So I'm from Texas, and I'm one of those annoying ones where I'm like, "I'm from TEXAAAAS!" I'm way too proud and excited to be from there. And I wear the big hair, and too much everything.

But, I was in Texas with Jon Randall and Jack Ingram, in Marfa. Last time we went to Marfa, we wrote "Tin Man," so there was good mojo there. And we were hanging out, drinking tequila, and I feel like every time I drink tequila, everything's better. Not the next day! But right then.

So we were like, "What are we gonna write about?" And I was like, "Well, tequila seems to be trending. Maybe we should write something about tequila." As I'm shooting my one-too-many Casamigos. So we wrote this one about tequila, that sounds just like Texas, and it's one of my favorites. We've been doing it live, and it makes me happy.

Anyway, I hope y'all like it. If you don't like this one and you don't think it's country, then you don't like country music. The best part is watching all the cowboys trying to keep up. It's like a two-step and a waltz. That's tricky!

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