Miranda Lambert's "Pretty Bitchin'," off her 2019 album Wildcard, is all about letting go and having fun. The country star co-wrote the track with songwriters Luke Dick, Jon Randall and Natalie Hemby, and while she describes the process of getting roped into writing it as being "catfished," fans of Catfish: The TV Show will realize that her definition of the term doesn't quite match the way it's usually used.

Even so, this fun-loving track has Lambert's musical identity written all over it, and it's no surprise that the singer got hooked into flying back into town to write it after hearing the title. Read on to learn the story behind the song, told in the singer's own words. 

This song -- well, I guess I was catfished. Luke Dick and Jon Randall were in a room writing a song, and Luke [got in touch with me and] said, "Where are you?" I was somewhere in in Timbuktu, so I said, "Nowhere." He said, "Can you come over?" I said, "No, I'm not around."

He said, "Well, Jon Randall and I are in a room, and we started this song, and we want to write it with you, because we can't write it with anybody else." And I was like, "... What's it called?" He sent me a voice note and a couple of lyrics, and it was called "Pretty Bitchin'."

Well, of course they totally freaking threw their line out, like I'm a big ol' catfish. So I got some Tito's and was like, "Okay, I'll be on a plane in three hours." We got in the room and me, Natalie [Hemby] and Luke finished it.

It was one of those songs where it was like, "It's good to have fun, you know?" Sometimes you go through s--t in your life and you have to write about it. I'm a writer, and sometimes you get all dark and moody and cool, but then you come out of it and you see yourself from a different view -- like, "Can we have some fun now?" So this is one of those songs where it was fun to write, fun to sing, puts a smile on my face.

And it kind of makes fun of tabloids, which really makes me happy.

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