Miranda LambertMiranda Lambert may be famous for tough-girl anthems like 'Kerosene' and 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,' but here's a little secret ... there's a song on her latest album, 'Revolution,' that reduced the Oklahoma beauty to a big ole puddle of tears.

"'The House That Built Me' is a life-changing song for me," Miranda tells CMT of the tune she stumbled across with boyfriend, Blake Shelton, while listening to songs for his new album. "I love it. That song came on and my reaction to it was ... I just cried. I don't really cry when I listen to music, but that song definitely hit me really hard. I asked Blake if I could have it. We called the producers at midnight and asked, 'Can we switch this? It's on hold for Blake ... can we put it on hold for Miranda?"

Miranda says she's "blessed" to have heard the song before another artist (aside from her boyfriend) could cut it. "If other artists would have gotten it first, it would have been snatched up. It's the first time I've ever found a song the way you're 'supposed to' -- on a pitch CD from a songwriter in Nashville. Usually, I cut songs by other people that are artists that I already love. That song is definitely, definitely special."

Clearly, the house Miranda grew up in is pretty special to her. So special, the memory of it triggered the tears when Miranda first heard the song. "My parents live right down the street from the house I grew up in. I grew up in one house until I was 14, and they live in the house where I lived from 14 on. Our friends live in the old house, actually."

When Miranda went into the studio to record 'The House That Built Me,' she asked her mom to do her a special favor ... but didn't tell her why. "My Mom went and took pictures of [the house] for me, and e-mailed them to me when I was cutting the song. I didn't tell her why. I just told her I needed pictures of the old house. I had them on the music stand in front of me when I was recording that song."

Not surprisingly, Miranda's mom was also reduced to tears when she heard the song. "Oh, gosh, she still cries every time she hears it -- and she's already heard it like 30 times!"

Miranda and her mother aren't the only ones crying over 'The House That Built Me.' When he sat down with The Boot, singer Josh Kelley mentioned Miranda's song out of the blue, saying the song had an emotional impact on he and his wife, actress Katherine Heigl.

"It takes a lot to jerk Katie to tears," the country-music convert notes. "We cried together the other day singing that song. [Mocking his wife crying] 'My dog was buried in the backyard, too!' Charles [Kelley, Josh's brother and member of Lady Antebellum] and I really relate to that song, too. It's just our life, identical."

'The House That Built Me' was written by Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin.

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