Any fan of Brent Cobb's music won't be surprised to learn that he helped write Miranda Lambert's "Holy Water." Grooving and bluesy, the song taps into the carefree vibes that Cobb often brings to the songwriting room, blended into an improvisatory, jam session-esque musical style.

In fact, Lambert says, the co-write that produced "Holy Water" was, in some senses, a big party. Read on to learn the story behind the song, told in Lambert's own words.

[Brent Cobb] brought over some of his, and some of my, favorite people: [Joshua] Taylor and his guitar player, Mike Harris. They showed up to my house drunk. The co-write was at 7[PM], and they got there at 10:30[PM].

I had to order pizza and sober 'em enough to play their guitars. Not Mike, but, you know -- Brent can get a little out there, and that's why we love him. Anyway, so we ate some pizza and sat on the magic porch, at my house. There were like, three four-wheel drive pickups in my driveway -- which isn't weird, because it's my driveway, but it's just that they were all there at the same time.

One of them was Josh's truck, and we were writing, and he was going out to get something and realized it had broken down. So we rolled it -- four of us physically rolled it -- to the front of my yard, up to the front door, so that the other trucks could get out to leave my house.

But the good news about a story like that is just hanging out 'til three in the morning, with people that are off the road but wanting to make music, and showing up in whatever state they're in. We wrote a song that needed to be written called "Holy Water."

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