Miley Cyrus, Willie NelsonMiley Cyrus learned from an early age just who Dad Billy Ray Cyrus hoped she would admire -- Willie Nelson.

"Most people have Barbie, but my dad made me get Willie instead," the teen superstar told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, explaining that she had a Willie Nelson doll as a kid. "Someone made it for my dad because he was friends with Willie at one point. Then he just became my best friend. As I get older, the more I'm just like, 'That's creepy, he looks really weird.'"

Although Miley recently told Parade magazine that she finds country music "contrived," she apparently still has a soft spot for the doll that resembles one of country's most beloved icons. "It was a really cool doll at the time," she admits. "I still have it, although I don't carry it around anymore!"

"Contrived" or not, country music may still be in Miley's future, as she once told MTV that she might follow in Dad's career footsteps. Now that she's admitted she still likes her doll, maybe we'll see that happen one day!