Carrie Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher, saw his name in the headlines more than his famous wife's earlier this month, when he was surprisingly traded by the Ottawa Senators to Nashville's pro hockey team, the Predators. But while it seems a bit ironic that the athlete was traded to his wife's hometown less than one year after they wed, Mike says it's all thanks to a little divine intervention.

"To be honest, I was praying a few days before about it," Mike tells the Vancouver Sun. "I was just so frustrated and said, 'God, if you have me go somewhere, take care of it, look after it,' and He sure did that. He put me in a place I was comfortable with, and that's part of reason that this is the place I'm supposed to be and that's comforting."

He may be thrilled with the new location, but he is less than pleased with the way hockey fans blamed his new bride, including a radio station that allegedly banned her music. "I heard about it right away, and Carrie heard about it and she was extremely disappointed and frustrated -- I think they meant it as a joke that really wasn't funny," Mike says. "Yeah, they're not a country music station, and I don't know if it was for attention or not, but obviously Carrie had nothing to do with the move or the trade or anything, so to imply something like that was just wrong."

Still, the hockey star says he is learning to turn a deaf ear to media mayhem. "Stuff happens and I'm learning that with all the attention that's paid to her because of who she is, to not worry about those things that are not true," he explains. "It's what you have to do, it's the life we're a part of now and obviously there's a lot of good things that go with it, too."

Carrie may have felt more at ease in her husband's neighborhood, where he was the biggest celebrity, but his new teammates say they have her back -- on and off the ice. "She's a big, big deal down here," Predators defenseman Cody Franson says. "It's a little different position for us -- usually we're the ones who people want to talk to -- but she's in a totally different league. But we just want her to feel she's around friends and not fans all the time. That's not fun for her and we don't want her feeling that way so we're doing the best we can -- even though some of us are very excited to have her around -- to make her feel comfortable and part of the family."

The 'American Idol' champion has already been spotted at a few of her husband's hockey games in Nashville, and will undoubtedly spend much of the next few months in the stands, since she is currently off the road and working on her new album. See the Predators game schedule here.

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