This past Valentine's Day, The Boot was treated to a very special gift: a private concert featuring Michelle Branch. Armed with just an acoustic guitar and her powerful pipes, the Grammy-winning singer performed for our crowd at Jackson Hole, Wyoming's Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, a famous venue that oozes old Western charm with its barstools made of saddles, mounted bear heads on the walls and other rustic décor.

Michelle had us singing along to her infectious hits including "Everywhere," "Goodbye to You" and "Are You Happy Now," along with her chart-topping hit as one-half of country duo the Wreckers, "Leave the Pieces." She also had us laughing about crazy fan encounters and other adventures on her incredible rise to stardom.

Watch our exclusive video of the lovely (on the inside and out) Michelle Branch at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar below.

Watch Our Exclusive Video of Michelle Branch Live in Concert

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