Reminiscent of Keith Urban's "Wasted Time" and Jake Owen's "Real Life," Michael Tyler's "Good at Being Young" combines the singer's youthful experiences with those of his co-writers, Jaron Boyer and Josh Mirenda -- but there's one particular line that Tyler will cop to being all him.

In the song's second verse, Tyler explains in the exclusive-to-The-Boot video above, there are lyrics about "Sneak[ing] off to the river so they couldn't see us / Gettin' stone-cold drunk on some warm Zimas." That experience, Tyler says, came from the time he and his brother snuck a few of the now-discontinued alcoholic beverages out of their grandfather's fridge.

"[We] buried them at the river behind our house," Tyler recalls, "only we went back a couple days later, and, of course, they were just hot and ruined.

"You know," he adds, "we didn't care."

Tyler notes that "Good at Being Young" -- Track No. 9 on his forthcoming debut disc, 317 -- "is a perfect example of Thayer, Mo., where I'm from." Its chorus will feel familiar to anyone who can recall the carefree feeling of being a teenager with few responsibilities: "We were rockin' Rolling Stones / Hands out the window / Flying down the road / Bummin' Daddy's cash / Secret Marlboro stash / Wasn't good at workin' or wakin' up / But dang, we were good at being young ..."

Tyler, one of the co-writers of Dierks Bentley's recent hit "Somewhere on a Beach," will release 317 on Friday (March 17). The up-and-comer is a descendant of Jimmie Rodgers, and is signed to Reviver Records; fans can find more information about Tyler on

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