A fishing boat that once belonged to country icon Merle Haggard has made its way back to his son Ben.

According to Country Rebel, a 1980s Ranger boat formerly owned by Haggard wound up in the hands of Tanyalynn Cornett's father -- or rather, first in the hands of a friend of his. Because that friend was blind, the elder Cornett often piloted the boat and spent plenty of time fishing on it, and when the friend passed away, Cornett bought the boat from his widow and continued to make memories on it with his family.

When Tanyalynn Cornett's dad died in 2012, he left the boat to his daughter; however, she found it too painful to continue to use the boat, and so she listed it for sale on Craigslist. Following Merle Haggard's death on April 6, spurred by a post from Ben Haggard on social media, Cornett connected with Haggard to let him know about the boat -- and, after meeting, Haggard made an offer to buy it.

The old boat has since made its way home to Haggard, who, on Instagram, calls it "a treasure."

"If this boat could talk, it would have a lot of storys (sic)," Haggard writes. "Wanna thank Tanyalynn and her family for being so kind to me, and I love how happy they were to see this boat going back home."

Following his father's death, the younger Haggard, who played guitar in his dad's band, the Strangers, has continued to share remembrances on his social media pages. He has also been performing with the Strangers, including at the 2016 American Country Countdown Awards.

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