Merle Haggard is bringing the good times even from the grave. A strain of marijuana that the iconic singer began developing before his death in April of 2016 is set to hit the market in the coming months.

"Merle's Girls," as the new strain of pot will be named, began when Haggard teamed up with the Colorado Weed Co. in 2015 to develop connoisseur-grade marijuana strains. Although the country legend died on April 6, on what would have been his 79th birthday, his daughter Jenessa Haggard-Bennett and her husband Brian Bennett are working to make his last business endeavor a reality. The project is a personal one for the couple, with the new brand named by Janessa after a girls soccer team the singer sponsored in California, and her husband simply continuing the work he and his father-in-law had already begun.

"He was just a regular guy to me. He just happened to be famous," Bennett, who helped Haggard grow medical marijuana on his California property until the singer's death, tells Westword. "He was into the same things I was into, and I related to him a lot. We had a mutual bond, I guess you’d say, between us in growing."

Haggard's daughter says that cannabis kept Haggard going for over 20 years, especially as he continued to tour extensively during the later years of his life. Michael Smith, his business partner at Colorado Weed Co. agrees, saying that pot helped the singer stay energized and innovative.

"We're starting out with what Merle liked to smoke," says Smith. "The sativas kept him going, kept him creative, kept him getting out there and being able to play. He did contribute a lot of his success on the road to sativas."

No news yet on the exact date that Haggard's new strain of pot will hit shelves, but Colorado Weed Co. will roll out the product (pun intended!) for recreational use in Colorado and then expand into the medical field as well. With plans to cover Oregon and Washington as well, the company hopes to introduce Merle's Girls in California after the state votes in November on whether or not to legalize the substance.

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