Maya Angelou may be one of the world's most famous authors, but when she isn't putting pen to paper, she enjoys cooking, reading -- and especially listening to country music.

"I like some young singers," she tells Parade magazine. "I like Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland -- she can sing -- and so can Carrie Underwood. And I love Blake Shelton. I'm also very smitten by a couple of real cowboys, Montgomery Gentry. I went to hear them and they gave me a guitar."

The 84-year-old is still recovering from one of her biggest disappointments from her favorite genre.

"I've been seriously affected by the breakup of Brooks & Dunn," she admits. "They broke up after 20 years and I've been seriously offended by that!"

The multiple Grammy winner was an honored guest at Brooks & Dunn's Academy of Country Music tribute concert in 2010. "In their whole body of work, they've shown how much they care about the human condition," she said during the celebration.

It seems the love for the multiple Grammy winner runs both ways in country music. Martina McBride and Naomi Judd were a part of Mrs. Angelou's star-studded birthday party in 2010.

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