Matt Jordan knows he, as the metaphor goes, outkicked his coverage. The artist's new song "Better Men" reflects on life's little mysteries -- including how he wound up married to the amazing woman he gets to call his wife.

"Better men than me are waking up in half-made beds / And they'll fall asleep alone tonight again," Jordan sings before one chorus, offering a glimpse into the sad story that inspired "Better Men," premiering exclusively on The Boot. As Jordan recalls, when he was catching up with an old friend, he was surprised to learn that his buddy had gotten divorced.

"It was a shock to me and really made me sad -- this is one of the best people I've ever known. That he had dealt with that and was going through it just didn't sit right," Jordan explains. "Of all the people in the world I know who deserve the great marriage and the beautiful family, it's this guy. And that dream was busted for him."

Throughout "Better Men," Jordan struggles with, as he says, "being as blessed as I am." He knows he doesn't need to apologize for it -- but he also knows he should take the time to be grateful, and never take it for granted.

"My wife is insane to have married me. I'm glad she did, but I don't deserve her. I look at pictures of our kids and get teary thinking about how out of my league I am with this little family I get to call mine," Jordan admits, adding that, when he realized all of this, "Better Men" turned from a sad song into a love song -- one that he "hope[s] makes people stop and be grateful for what they have, whatever it is."

"We're all blessed in some way," Jordan reflects. "And I think we could all probably stop and recognize that a little more often.

Produced by Sal Oliveri, "Better Men" is the lead single from a forthcoming release from Jordan, which is due out this fall. The singer and songwriter is a St. Louis, Mo.-area native and grew up in a family of singers. He took a few years off from his music career to start a family, "but music is the only thing I can't put down," Jordan says.

Totally honestly, it’s the only thing I love to do," adds Jordan, who works in the business world, too. "There’s a fulfillment in finishing a new song, or singing my songs from a stage to a crowd of people listening that I’ve never gotten anywhere else."

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