In 2019, singer-songwriter Mary Bragg will release a brand-new album, and she's giving The Boot's readers an exclusive first listen to one of its tracks. Press play above to hear "I Thought You Were Somebody Else."

A sorrowful, sparse song, "I Thought You Were Somebody Else" finds Bragg reflecting on the realization that someone she knew -- or rather, someone she thought she knew -- isn't who she thought they were. She and co-writer Bill DeMain, Bragg tells The Boot, "wanted to capture the devastating shock of getting it wrong," their lyrics floating along with light drum beat, mournful guitar and Bragg's soaring vocals.

"Having the rug pulled out from under you is never a good feeling," Bragg shares. "I don't think people intentionally disguise the real versions of themselves, but slowly, we construct these narratives about who a person is, and what your relationship is."

"I Thought You Were Somebody Else" is the lead track from a forthcoming new album from Bragg, which is due out early next year. The project will follow Bragg's critically acclaimed 2017 album Lucky Strike, the title track of which earned Bragg first place in the Chris Austin Songwriting Contest at MerleFest.

Bragg self-produced and self-engineered her next project, the title and release date of which have yet to be announced, at her home studio in Nashville. Readers can visit to keep up to date with her tour schedule and new album release plans.

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