Market Junction's new song "Out of Love" is a cautionary tale. Press play above to hear the delicate track from the folk / Americana band, premiering exclusively on The Boot.

"Out of Love" tells the story of a couple that's, as the song's title track suggests, fallen out of love and are just going through the motions. "We say, 'I love you,' 'cause we're supposed to / It's what we used to fill the awkward in between," the song begins.

The lyrics go on to describe a pair of lovers resigned to their fate. "We never needed the silent treatment / 'Cause it's been years since we had anything to say / The spark between us, long extinguished / It's just easier to live here in the way," explains a second verse.

Melodically, "Out of Love" is reminiscent of the Lumineers' hit "Cleopatra": A quiet piano opens the track, and is eventually joined by an acoustic guitar and simple drums. Prolonged sadness and heartache are palpable in Market Junction frontman Matt Parrish's voice.

"When romance turns to routine, love gets flipped upside down," Parrish tells The Boot. "We see it all around us: nice family / home / job, little league, carpools, Sunday school, yet, another marriage eaten by the system ... They pretend. It’s easier that way."

"Out of Love" is due out on Friday (June 19), an early release from Market Junction's new album, Burning Bridges, which is set to drop on Aug. 7. The Houston, Texas-bred band debuted in 2012, after Parrish and friend and fellow songwriter Justin Lofton became inspired by a vinyl copy of Ray LaMontagne's God Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise.

In addition to Lofton and Parrish, Market Junction are bassist Taylor Hilyard and drummer Michael Blattel. Fans can learn more about the band and their new music at

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