Mark Wills has been asked to be the official spokesperson for the 'Crazy Being Home' military outreach program. The singer will kick off the campaign with a performance at the 6th Annual National MilBlog Conference in Washington D.C. on April 29. Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield has been confirmed to appear at the conference.

The program was created to raise national awareness for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), two crippling, long-term effects of war service. The organization is a subdivision of the USA Warrior Treatment Today program.

"We're honored that Mark would take time out of his busy schedule to perform," says Andi Hurley, founder of the National MilBlog Conference in Washington D.C. "Mark's tireless support of the military community makes him a perfect fit."

The partnership formed after Mark recorded 'Crazy Being Home,' a song on his upcoming album, 'Looking for America,' which will be released June 21, 2011. The tune, written by Chris Lindsey, Robin Lindsey and Brett and Brad Warren (of the Warren Brothers), will serve as the campaign anthem.

"I was moved to record this song by a young man who is on active duty with the special forces," Mark explains. "His story and reaction inspired me in such a way that we hope it serves as a message to speak to all of our veterans to say 'you are not alone.' Suffering with PTSD is an injury of war and the Warrior Treatment Today 'Crazy Being Home' efforts are to open the door to make emotional and physical therapy available to anyone and everyone who suffers."

Mark has a personal connection the the cause. His father experienced disabling psychological symptoms after serving in the Vietnam War.

"When my dad returned, he was inexplicably a changed man. The problem was we didn't know what it was or what to do for him," Mark recalls. "Now we know he was suffering from PTSD. It's sad that even still today, too many men and women who sacrificed their lives, go without diagnosis, help or treatment. We're hoping to change that."

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