Mark WillsWith the Christmas holiday quickly approaching, Mark Wills has once again headed overseas for his yearly tradition of entertaining the troops who are separated from their loved ones. Mark says it's the best way he can think of to spend the holidays.

"I took one year off, and Christmas just was not the same," Mark tells The Boot. "I've got little kids, and it should have been a great Christmas, but I will tell you that I was truly sad because I knew that my friends were overseas. It bothered me. I love the opportunity to go over and play music for our men and women of the United States Armed Services. They are so grateful, and it's just so much fun."

Mark tries to get overseas as often as possible to visit the troops not only at Christmas time but also throughout the year. He's even come up with a way to give them a unique gift when they return home.

"I tell every one of them that I meet overseas to take a picture of us together and bring that picture with them when they come to a show [stateside]," he says. "When you come to a show, that's your backstage pass to come back and bring your wife and say hello. We've had a lot of people who have come back and brought their picture and say, 'Remember this?' We've been able to do that many times, and each time it's really special."